Hunting Farm

Address: 16, Sovietskaya Street, the village of Kukuevka, Navlya district, Bryansk Region, Russia (on map).

The Hunting Farm "Kukuevka" is situated in Navlya district, Bryansk Region, 35 km from the district center of Navlya. The hunting land is 18,000 ha, 12,800 ha of the area is forest land.

On this land there live more than 400 wild boars, about 300 roedeer, a lot of elks and deer, bobcats, raccoons, foxes and hares; and also various bird species - great grouse, black grouse, ducks and in springtime - migrating geese. / read more ...


On the hunting land there are 10 hunting blinds, 12 shooting lines with 124 shooting towers. Biotechnical procedures are carried out on all the hunting land not just single pieces of the hunting area; that is why there are permanent feeding places and areas during the hunting season. The size of the hunting land gives an opportunity for hunting in new areas in every new season.

  • Comfortable lodgings
  • Well-trained staff (experienced rangers will show you existing hunting paths, hunting enclosures and blinds)
  • Off-road vehicles will get you to any distant place of the hunting farm
  • After successful hunting you can enjoy yourself in the Russian wood-burning banya with the traditional Russian venik (a bundle of leafy twigs of the birch tree) and a man-made pool in the hunting farm area
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Materials about hunting
Legal acpects
Hunting seasons


There are a variety of fish in the Desna River and in the lakes Zvannoe, Schuchie, Borovoe, Babye, Krasnoe near the hunting farm “Kukuevka” which is a real treat for experienced and inexperienced fishermen.

Hooks and lines can be prepared for catching pike perch, perch, pike, eelpout, white amur, roach, bream, carp, redfin.