The general view of the hunting farm

The total area of the hunting farm is about 2,000 sq. meters.

On its territory are situated:

  • a sports area
  • a children’s play ground
  • a stable with a yard for horses
  • a household area
  • a hanger for the facilities
  • cages for the dogs
  • the territory where the staff lives
  • the rangers’ house
  • a restaurant
  • a VIP house
  • a summer house with an outdoor grill
  • a banya
  • a guests’ house (economy class)
  • a luxury house
  • a chapel
  • a lake
  • a parking area

At your disposal are the following things:

1. VIP house:

VIP-rooms, for 3 persons each

№1 “The Bears’ Den”, №2 “The Wolves’ Den”. The rooms have all modern conveniences. There is a kitchen in the house. Pricing – 12000 Roubles a day.

2. Suite of rooms

There are 5 suites of rooms, with all modern conveniences, for 2 persons each. In every room there is satellite television, DVD, a fridge, an electric kettle.

№1 “Wild duck”

№2 “Woodcocks’ roding”

№3 “Wood grouse belling”

№4 “Hawks’ nest”

№5 “Falconry”

Pricing of suites of rooms – 2500 to 3000 roubles a day.
3. Guests’ house (economy class)

It is a dwelling for 25 persons. It has a separate kitchen, a bathroom, a shower cabin and space television.

Day lodging in ECONOMY class house amounts 500 Roubles per a person.

4. Restaurant

The restaurant “Okhotnichy Zori” (hunting dawnings) has been very popular among hunters and fisherman since its very opening day. They cook delicious food here and make you enjoy yourself in this warm and very Russian atmosphere!

The main hall is 200 sq. meters, it is for 50 persons. The walls are decorated with trophies hunted on our hunting farm. This hunting interior will do both for solemn occasions and for quiet and peaceful dining time.

There’s also a bar where you can have a rest after the tiresome city life tasting various cocktails and drinks and where you can have a pretty nice time with your friends over the mugs of beer.

Besides, here you can also play a game of billiard, tennis table or darts.

Our hunting farm is situated in the forest area so we can use the Nature’s riches – mushrooms, berries, herbs and make useful and healthy fruit drinks (“mors”), pickled food and herbal tea.

Our own household plot let us use organic food – meat, poultry, eggs and milk.

A lake which is our hunting farm property is some minutes’ walk from the hunting farm. On the menu in our restaurant you can find various dishes made of fresh fish (carp, silver carp, white amur and goldfish).

The main dishes on our restaurant menu are made from the game hunted on our hunting farm and these are traditionally Russian dishes: shurpa made of roedeer meat, rissoles made of elk meat, wild boar baked hip, stewed hazel grouse, woodcock, duck, filet made of wild goat meat, specially cooked liver, roasted poultry, buglama (made of fish) and many others.

You are welcome in our comfortable restaurant “Okhotnichy Zori”!

5. Russian banya

On the territory of our hunting farm there is a Russian banya heated with wood. It has a comfortable rest room, a samovar to enjoy having herbal tea with honey from our own bee-yard, a steam room for 10 person.

Russian banya session pricing – 3,500 Roubles / 4 hours.

6. Summer house

On the territory of our hunting farm there is a cosy summer house with an outdoor grill and a fireplace.