Biotechnical procedures

1. Stationary shooting towers for hunting. Feeding areas.

On the hunting land there are 10 stationary shooting towers with good noise insulation (plastic windows, floors and seats are felt-lined), the height from the window to the ground is 7 meters.


1.1 Quarter 84 (Ozyornaya)







1.2 Quarter 65 (Farm)







1.3 Feeding area (Kisili), total area is 150 ha








1.4 Shooting tower (Kisili)











1.5 Quarter 86 (Elanka). Biotechnical complex






1.6 Quarter 79






1.7 Quarter 100 (Vzdruzhnenskoye stable)








1.8 Quarter 72 (Voznesensk)





1.9 Quarter 42 (Palshkov hayfield)




1.10 Quarter 114








1.11 Vzdruzhnenskoye feeding area, total of 63,8 ha





1.12 Saltanovka feeding area, total of 19,9 ha


1.13 Kordon feeding area (the Romanov family seat), total of 25,6 ha


1.14 Other feeding area








2. Movable shooting lines

8 shooting lines are equipped with movable shooting towers which help to make the hunters’ viewing better during enclosure hunting (the tower floor is 2,2 meters high from the ground) and they also make hunting secure.





3. Stationary shooting lines

4 shooting lines are equipped with stationary shooting towers (all in all 44 towers).

The advantages of hunting from these towers are the same as the ones of the movable shooting towers.








4. Feeding places

Feeding places are built on a regular basis throughout all the area of the hunting farm; they include a covered feeding place, a feeding rack, a salt feeder and solonetz.











Video – feeding places